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Sérgio Castro our founder

Sergio Castro was born on August 8, 1932, having studied at the English college Aldridge, at the Internato São José and at the Jesuit St. Ignatius, where he finished high school. Served voluntarily in the CPOR (cavalry), to the 18 years, and formed lawyer by the Faculty Cândido Mendes, being part of the first group of formandos of that one (OAB 10.131). His father, Dr. Álvaro de Castro, was a full professor at the Faculdade Nacional de Medicina and also a degree in Law and Pharmacy. His mother, Dona Lygia Richard de Castro, was the daughter of the great entrepreneur Antônio Eugênio Richard, engineer Richard, founder of Banco Hypothecario do Brazil and president of Companhia Brasileira de Imóveis e Construções (Brazil's first private real estate company, founded in 1911). name takes the main avenue of the neighborhood that idealized and built: the Grajaú. When Rio de Janeiro was still the capital of Brazil, it founded C.R.E.C.I. 1a. Region (Regional Council of Real Estate Brokers), and then received registration number 22 of that institution - was for decades its vice president. He was also an active member of SINDIMÓVEIS (Union of Real Estate Brokers), since he joined the company at the age of 24. For 7 years, he wrote the column "Behind the Scenes of the Rental" in the newspaper O Globo, published on Wednesdays, where he doubted the readers related to the real estate market. He was the first broker-columnist in Brazil!


Sérgio Castro, with more than 70 years of tradition in the real estate market of the City of Rio de Janeiro, works in the areas of Asset Management, Building Administration, Purchase and Sale, Leases in General, Evaluations and Monitoring of Real Estate Transactions. We have highly specialized and qualified team to provide services, with the excellence that is expected of a company with our tradition and solidity, in all the territory of our City.

With its own real estate assets, Sérgio Castro offers all the security necessary to carry out all kinds of business in the sector; traditionally one of the largest real estate managers in the south and north, we have professionals trained and able to handle everything from the sale, lease or administration of a conjugate, commercial rooms, whole buildings and even factories, always with the same dedication, providing a service to each of our customers.

Sergio Castro is the largest company specialized in commercial, industrial and corporate real estate in the city, having a great tradition in the brokerage of whole buildings, large stores and corporate slabs, hotels, factories, old cinemas and large areas of land, negotiating with the largest real estate funds of the country and the world.

We are the largest real estate advertiser in Rio, and we have the fastest rental and sale index

In this space, besides knowing more about our company, knowing its history and areas of activity, you will also be able to check all the properties that are being offered for sale and lease, besides being able to request the evaluation of your property by our Valuation Department. We also make available to our visitors a section with useful real estate information, useful real estate information "downloads", ,where you can download contract drafts and other useful tools for those who rent or sell real estate without the intermediation of a real estate company.

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