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Growing with Rio since 1949

When Sergio Castro founded Sergio Castro Imóveis in 1949, he lived in a Rio de Janeiro that was very different from today’s city. The then Capital of the Republic had less than half the number of inhabitants it currently has; trolleys circulated about the city full of women wearing their "new look" dresses and men wearing hats. Eurico Gaspar Dutra was the President and he had just made gambling illegal in the country, leaving the Rio resident without the Cassino da Urca. In a very short time, we were already known as “The Company with the Solution”.

Develop to survive

Ten years later, with Juscelino Kubitschek in power, Sergio Castro was already one of the largest real estate brokers in Rio de Janeiro, selling hundreds of lots, homes and apartments per month, with a team of brokers that reached one thousand, two hundred salesmen, something unthinkable in today’s day and age. The city was already very different: the motto, “Develop to Survive” of the then President produced results. Everyone knew that shortly the Capital of the Republic would be moved to Brasília. At that time of many conquests, the streets of Rio were already beginning to fill with cars “Made in Brazil”. And along with the World Cup victory in 1958, we also achieved a great conquest: the beginning of activities for our asset administration department. Over the next ten years, the city grew with the Flamengo embankment, the Museum of Modern Art and almost a dozen tunnels, not to mention countless other jobs.

More on what's yours

In 1968, our country was going through difficult times. Rio was no longer the Capital. Nevertheless, it reached 3 million inhabitants and it continued to grow and grow without restraint. Sergio Castro Imóveis already had a few branches distributed throughout the city (Copacabana, Tijuca and Center), accompanying all the growth. Communication was also expanding. Several television networks were already broadcasting, and there were hundreds of newspapers and magazines, which drove the company to truly enter the marketing era. Who doesn’t remember the real estate agency’s mascot at that time, the snail that used to say “Live in your own home”? In 1966, new, more spacious facilities were inaugurated at Rua da Assembléia, 40, on the 6th, 11th, 12th and 13th floors, totaling more than 900m2 dedicated to our good services. Over the following years, doubts concerning Brazilian real estate were solved by Sergio Castro in his O GLOBO newspaper column, “Behind the Scenes of Rentals”..

Living well is living well

The slogan “To Live Well Is to Reside Well" was already popular when the Rio-Niterói Bridge was being built, a landmark of the union between Guanabara and Greater Rio. Lucinha Lins used to sing our jingle on the radio and the LAGOA Branch (photo) was the talk of Rio High Society with its VIP service that was specialized in selling luxury homes and properties, a commercial niche we proudly created. More changes were taking place in our city. Soon there would be alcohol-powered cars. In the following years, the growth of the city’s West Zone would become evident, especially the Barra da Tijuca. In the “Operation: Sports” program on Rede Tupi, Sérgio Castro and journalist Carlos Lima awarded the greatest sportsmen in the country.

The New Constitution of the Republic

When the New Constitution of the Republic was announced, Sergio Castro Imóveis had already entered the computer age by purchasing XT equipment to serve its clients better and faster. This also provided our Asset Administration Department with greater agility after having purchased the Banco Irmãos Guimarães and Ultramarino Português real estate portfolios. Shopping malls and hypermarkets began to pop up all over the city. This is when we began to strengthen our presence in the Commercial Real Estate market, renting and selling for the largest companies in Rio de Janeiro.

Your Home on the Internet

Internet, Downsizing, Total Quality… The Globalization Era Our city reaches SIX million inhabitants as the country’s cultural center. And Sergio Castro, of course, accompanied this expansion, administering hundreds of properties in every corner of the City, while still carrying out its VIP and specialized work in the SALE and RENT of properties. In 1997, we put the company’s first homepage on-line, “Your House on the Internet”; once again proving we are an agile and modern company that accompanies the market’s new trends.

The Largest Commercial Department of RJ

Sergio Castro entered the 21st Century mindful of the changes in the real estate market, especially the investment area. With the strengthening of the commercial real estate market, we once again modernized, consolidating our Commercial Sales and Rental Department, specializing in advising and intermediating in renting and selling Rooms, Suites, Floors, Areas and Commercial Buildings, with a highly trained team of Real Estate Consultants specialized in serving investors and businessmen. In a very short time we already had the LARGEST COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT IN RIO DE JANEIRO. In 2006, the Brazil Quality Award honored this company’s 59 years always at the forefront, a modern Real Estate Agency that still has old-fashioned service: the perfect marriage between Modernity and Tradition.