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Property Administration

5 Star Service

Sergio Castro Imóveis has more than a half century of tradition in Real Estate Administration services, and to maintain our high standards, we maintain a perfect organization, with highly specialized personnel, a Legal Department that has been active in the Real Estate Law area for decades, and a modern, computerized and highly efficient operation system. Not to mention our personalized service, where the client always comes first.

Trust your Property with a company that solves everything; that eliminates all doubts and does away with your worries; that renders accounts on a monthly basis through current account statements; that deposits your rent punctually wherever you determine; that pays all your taxes, fees and condominium expenses; that carries out a solid screening of all rental candidates for your property and their co-signers; that periodically makes agreements with tenants, INCREASING YOUR INCOME. A solid and TRADITIONAL company with its own vast real estate equity.




  • Do you mean you are administering your property YOURSELF?
  • Do you stay sitting at home waiting for your tenant who promised to pay the rent?
  • Do you actually believe all the tales your tenant uses to justify being late and not paying the rent?
  • Has your tenant’s grandmother passed away 6 times? ? ?
  • And what do you do when your tenant doesn’t pay the rent?
  • Do you go over and try to “shout” it out of him?

If you don’t want to get involved in this huge problem, which is to administer your property, or in others that are even worse, trust your Property to one of the largest and best known Real Estate Administrators! Enough with all the irritation and contact SÉRGIO CASTRO IMÓVEIS, one of the only administrators on the market that works only with rent (administration of units), and does not administer condominiums. Here, all our attention is directed towards your INCOME.

And if you have already handed your property over to an administrator before and are sorry you ever did, we can say you will be surprised by the differences between Sérgio Castro and most of the others. Get ready for personalized service, no beating around the bush, no silly excuses; to receive your rent on time, get a detailed rendering of accounts, be sure your condominium, property taxes, rent money, fire fee and other property charges are being paid on time. When your property is administered by us, you will be able to make use of your income without thinking twice, and who knows, maybe stop by and have a coffee with us. 

Besides that, we DO NOT charge the owner any inspection fee, contract fee, filing fee, or even a thirteenth salary fee for administration, because we are aware that these services are among our obligations once we are responsible for your property. 

With more than 57 years of tradition, we administer hundreds of properties. With us, you will receive 5 star service with highly specialized personnel who are there with the intent of serving you in the best way possible.

Why get so irritated?

 Let the Company with the Solution Handle your Property

Should you already have a trusted administrator, or even if you are content in personally administering your property, we also have our “Separate” Rental Department, where the property owner can register the property, authorizing our team to proceed with its rental, introducing clients, accompanying the drawing up of the contract, carrying out a “background check” and concluding the work with the signing of the contract. 

For such, we charge 1 (one) rent as a fee, paid only if Sérgio Castro finds a tenant for your vacant property. Who knows, maybe you’ll see the quality of our work and give us the honor of administering your property? Learn more about this service in the “Rental” section.

Look us up. We have a work plan that will certainly adjust to your needs ! Learn more about this service in the “Rental” section.

So then, are you dissatisfied with how your property is being administered?

Contact us by telephone, fax or e-mail. We will assume responsibility for contacting your tenants and/or whoever administers your property to get back the documentation that belongs to you without the need of your presence. Should you want to know more about us, request an informative folder through the form below and we will send it out by mail.



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