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"Separate" Rental

Despite its know-how in the administration of real estate rentals, managing more than 2000 properties and serving more than 400 large and average-sized owners throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro, our company also carries out, especially in cases of properties worth more expressive values, brokerage of property rentals, intermediating and rendering consulting advice to owners and tenants. We call this type of work “separate rentals” because after the signing of the contract, the property’s administration will not remain with our fifty-year-old Administration Department.

The commission charged the tenant who wants a property with certain characteristics, as well as the owner, should his property be rented to a client introduced by Sergio Castro, equals one month's rent (*) as commission for intermediating in the property's rental. Legal assistance is INCLUDED in the price for the owner as well as the tenant once the service contract has been signed.

In this sense, Sergio Castro Imóveis, through its qualified professionals, conducts an inspection of the property, proceeds with an appraisal based on the same, and once duly authorized by the owner, begins the prospecting work for a tenant. For such, we have a Commercial and Industrial Rental Department, which is the absolute and unquestionable leader in the market, and a Residential Rental Department which has professionals who are committed to obtaining the best income for your property, and for your budget, the best property.


"Separate" Residential Rentals

(Administration and Charging Up to Owner or Third Parties)

Our Residential Rental Department only works to better accommodate and provide total security to the owner on an exclusive basis. Our Legal Department ensures the rental contract is strictly in agreement with the Tenant Law and the New Civil Code of 2002, although it is also possible for us to use a draft of a contract of your preference. All properties are photographed to make the detailed inspection report, avoiding problems at the moment of delivery. 

(*) For logistical reasons, in the event of a separate residential rental, if the monthly rent is less than four thousand reais, the company will charge a minimum commission of that amount to the owner at the signing of the rental contract. All newspaper ads will be placed by Sergio Castro Imóveis and elaborated by our Classifieds Department.

The best product at Sergio Castro’s “Separate” Rental Department is the VIP service we render our clients through employees with years of experience in the real estate market, prepared to answer ANY question about properties and rentals.


"Separate" Commercial and Industrial Rentals 

The Sergio Castro Industrial and Commercial Rentals Department, absolute leader in the market, is run by qualified professionals specially trained to serve businessmen and large companies with an incomparable portfolio of tenant clients and real estate properties, capable of introducing the ideal client to any property and to any client the property of his dreams. This property portfolio not only has a large volume of properties administered by the company, but also properties that belong to the biggest foundations and institutions of social security as well as religious institutions, large property owners and even the so-called “small” owners, reaching 2600 vacant and ready to occupy properties every month.

With the intent of attending to all the large property owners, thus generating more options for the businessman, the Department also works with properties on a non-exclusive basis, which transforms its portfolio into a veritable city of available properties, of all possible standards, and with any square footage imaginable. Thus, the Department accepts properties in any rental value bracket, becoming the SOLUTION to your problems in your search for properties. When you knock at Sergio Castro, it will not be necessary to have any other assistance, because we can attend to the tenant candidate from the commercial to the legal part, always with the perfect property for his budget and liking in the company's portfolio. 

It is important to remember that when you entrust Sergio Castro with the administration of your property, no fee is charged at the signing of the contract, and furthermore we offer property rentals in any price bracket. Without a doubt, to hand over administration is more economical. Furthermore, the entire rental period is covered by the quality of the management and billing services of one of the most solid companies in the business. To learn more about Property Administration, click here.

In the case of the owner, it is certainly our great desire and honor to be chosen to administer your property. Nevertheless, by rendering this intermediation service we intend to demonstrate our qualifications and great professionalism, rigorously selecting the candidates and concluding a rental contract that besides being fair, avoids any future problems. Thus, who knows we won’t receive a vote of confidence from you and thereby begin administering your property? Only those who know Sergio Castro know what it’s like to not have problems with properties. But, if you have any questions, first let us handle your property just to rent it. We guarantee it will be love at first sight.


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